All our chauffeurs and chauffeuses are fully trained in house by Graham on their driving skills ensuring an extremely high level of road safety knowledge and by Nicola on customer care ensuring a comfortable, relaxed and pleasurable experience. Many come from a background in the emergency services with around 50% retired Police officers. 

About our Chauffeurs

Many come from a background in customer service and some are fully qualified DSA Approved Driving Instructors.Some of the chauffeurs arriving with their vehicle may even be company Directors giving our clients the knowledge that you are being driven by someone who sees you as a person whose opinion can enhance the credibility and reputation of his or her business and don’t just see you as a pay cheque.

We are also one of the few companies that can offer lone female passengers the comfort of a relaxed environment which for some female clients can only truly be achieved by having a female chauffeuse at the wheel.

Our chauffeurs are smartly dressed in grey suit, white shirt and chauffeur’s cap with branded grey company ties with large, company branded grey umbrellas available for our famous Scottish weather. We have a very strict chauffeur etiquette which involves things like the chauffeur always wearing his cap, always having his jacket buttoned, never having his/her hands in pockets or folding his/her arms, never smoking, eating or chewing gum. We pride ourselves on our chauffeurs being the face of our company and truly believe that with the training given and attention to detail both in appearance and service that they are without doubt the best in the industry.

Most importantly they enjoy what they do. Playing a part in your special day gives them a sense of pride that they will stay in your memories for years to come.

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